|| S.Y.M. #29 - Boston ||

Directions To Meetings

As of now, SYM #29 is now holding its' monthly meetings at the Wellesley Community Center. Occasionally we still have meetings at The Magic Arts Studio in Watertown, MA. Special events like the banquet, BBQ and benefit shows vary in location year to year. Check the Calendar page for specific meeting events, times and locations.


Directions to our new meeting place can be found on their website,

Wellesley Community Center

219 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02481




Of course, we also meet at The Magic Art Studio once in a while, 

Ray Goulet's Magic Art Studio

137 Spring St. Watertown, MA 



And, sometimes at The Magic Barn, 

Peter Lentros' "Magic Barn"

179R Main Street, AshlandMA