|| S.Y.M. #29 - Boston ||

S.Y.M. 29 - Borrowing Library for Members

There's no better place to learn magic, than from a book.

Luckily for our assembly, we have had a number of generous magicians donate books they are no longer in need of to build our own lending library for our members. Some of these books are classics of magic, and some are impossible to find elsewhere. Many are very expensive, and not every S.Y.M.er can afford to purchase them. There are plenty of beginner books, and several books for those of you more advanced.

To borrow a book, you must be a member in good standing of S.Y.M. #29. Contact
me by e-mail, phone or at a meeting. You don't even need a library card! Items with an asterisk (*) next to them are highly recommended. Books borrowed at an SYM #29 meeting must be returned the following month. Books may be renewed if no other member shows a desire to borrow that particular book. Books may be only renewed once.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any damaged, lost or stolen books MUST BE REPLACED. Our borrowing Library is for ALL of our members, and must be treated with care and respect. For over 20 years, our Library has been maintained by our three previous Librarians, Julie Babayan, Paul Denaro, and for the past 8 years, Ian Rich. I feel honored to now have the responsibility of maintaining our Library.

Enjoy and learn from our S.Y.M. #29 Library!!!!

Max Wickersham
    S.Y.M. #29 Librarian

Book List


American Lecture Seabrooke, Terry
Anderson's Newspaper Trick* Anderson, Gene
Annenman's Mental Bargain Effects Anneman, Theo
Annenman's Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine Anneman, Theo
An Evening With Dan Tong Tong, Dan
Anverdi's Lecture Notes Anverdi
Around The World In A Baking Tin Seabrooke, Terry
The Art of Magic Downs, T. Nelson


Balls! Lessons In Side-Arm Snookery Kaufman, Richard
Big Book Of Magic For All Ages Gibson, Walter
Bits of Magic Kalver, Bruce


Coin Magic* Hugard, Jean
Commercial Close-Up: Lecture Dacri, Steve
The Craft Of Magic and Other Writings
Creative Magic Zimmerman, Dick
Cruel Tricks For Dear Friends Penn & Teller
Cruise Ship Magic: The Lecture Allen, Stan
Cups and Balls


Damon Lecture Notes Damon, Dwight
Dan Tong Lecture Tong, Dan
Deceptions, Show, and Lecture Kardyro, Tony
Deck Deception Marlo, Edward
Dove Worker’s Handbook Hutton, Darryl & Hades, Micky
Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic* Dunninger, Joseph


E.M.R.E. System: Creating A Magic Act Rainho, James
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic - Vol 1 Adair, Ian
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic - Vol 4 Adair, Ian
Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians
Entertainment First! Lecture Schindler, George
Evening With Dan Tong Tong, Dan
Expert at the Card Table Erdnase, S.W.


Fantasio’s Cane & Candle Book #1 Ginn, David
Fell’s Beginner’s Guide To Magic Gibson, Walter
The Fine Art of Magic Kaplan, George
First Time Around: Lecture Ogden, Tom
Fourth Evening At The Magic Circle: Lecture Emerson, Arthur
Finn Jon's Invisible Elastic Thread Jon, Finn
Fun Magic: Lecture Downs, Herb


Great Illusions Dawes, Edwin
Guide To Magic As A Hobby Severn, Bill
Guide to Make Up for the Stage Johnson, Richard & Seaver, Rob


Houdini's Magic Secrets Houdini, Harry
How To Spot Card Sharps And Their Methods Radner, Sidney


Illustrated Magic Fischer, Ottokar
Impromptu Magic Severn, Bill
Instant Magic Niberco
Invisible Secrets Revealed Fields, eddie & Schwartz, Michael


James Rainho’s Effect, Method, Routin &, Presentation Rainho, James
Juggling Book Carlo


Kevin Menard Presents:Lecture Menard, Kevin
King of the Conjurers; "Memoirs of Robert Houdin" Christopher, Milbourne
Klutz Book Of Magic Cassidy, John & Stroud, Michael


Lecture Notes of Dwight Damon Damon, Dwight
Living with an Egg on your back: Notes on the Pull Bebout, Bill


Magic Across the Table Severn, Bill
Magic and Showmanship Nelms, Henning
Magic Book Fulves, Karl
Magic by Misdirection* Fitzkee, Dariel
Magic Catalogue Doerflinger, William
Magic Handbook Eldin, Peter
Magic Lecture by J.R. Rainho, James
Magic Moments: Lecture Buckingham, Geoffrey
Magic Of Christian: Cups And Balls Christian
Magic of Finn Jon Jon, Finn
The Magic of Michael Ammar* Ammar, Michael
Magic Of Robert Harbin Harbin, Robert
The Magic of Slydini Ganson, Lewis
Magic With Cards Garcia, Frank & Schindler, George
Magic With Science Gibson, Walter
Magic Workshop Severn, Bill
Magic World Of The Amazing Randi Randi, James
Mark Wilson Course In Magic Wilson, Mark
Maurice Fogel Gives Himself Away : Lecture Fogel, Maurice
Mental Bargain Effects Anneman
Million Dollar Card Secrets Garcia, Frank
Minister’s Miracle Andrus, Jerry
Miracle Mongers and Their Methods Houdini, Harry
Misdirection And Direction Kurtz, Gary
The Miser's Miracle
Modern Card Tricks And Secrets Of Magic Blackstone, Harry
Modern Coin Magic* Bobo, J.B.
More One Man Mental Magic Christopher, Milbourne


Nameless Notes (on Close-Up Magic) Andrus, Jerry
New Dove Magic Ginn, David
Notions Goldstein, Phil
Now You See It Now You Don’tTarr, Bill


One Hundred and One Card Tricks
One Hundred Classic Houdini Tricks You can Do
One Man Mental Act And Psychic Routine Anneman


Panorama of Magic Christopher, Milbourne
Party Magic From The Magic Castle Behnke, Leo
Paul Curry Presents: Lecture Curry, Paul
Practical Impossibilities Johnson, Rick
Pretty Sneaky Alan, Don



Rainy Days Card Tricks Baily, Vanessa
Ring Routine Thumm, Manfred


Sand’s Improved Ropesational Sands, George
Scarne's Magic Tricks Scarne, John
Seabrooke's Book* Seabrooke, Terry
Secrets And Mysteries For The Close-up Entertainer Burger, Eugene
Secrets Of Magic Gibson, Walter
Secrets Of Magic Revealed Becker, Herbert
Second Sight: Vol. 3 No. 2
Second Sight: Vol. 3 No. 5
Self-working Coin Magic Fulves, Karl
Shot in the Act: The Magic of Doc Eason* Eason, Doc
Showmanship for Magicians* Fitzkee, Dariel
Simplicity Magic; Lecture Weiner, Irv
Sleightly Slanted: Lecture Andrus, Jerry
Slydini Encores Nathanson, Leon
Son of Greater Magic: Lecture Biro, Pete
Spotlight's on You Gustafson, Dick
Stage Stuff Yedid, Meir
Stars Of Magic*** (Various contributors)


Tarbell Course in Magic Vol. 2 Tarbell, Harlan
Ten Tricks From Mr. Fingers Weiner, Irv
Terry Seabrooke's American Lecture Seabrooke, Terry
The Theatrical Approach to Magic Williams, Geoffrey
Theatrical Close-Up* Samelson, Peter
Third Cavalcade of Subtle Sorcery Krenzel, Ken
The Trick Brain* Fitzkee, Dariel
Two Faced: Lecture Berger, David


Up Close with Andrus Andrus, Jerry
Usborne Complete Book Of Magic Evans, Cheryl & Keable-Elliot, Ian



Warren Stephen’s Lecture Notes Stephens, Warren
Why You Can’t Win Three Card Monte Scarne, John
World Lecture Tour Notes Harris, Ben
World Of Magic Gordon, Henry
World’s Greatest Magic Clark, Hyla M.